WEN By Chaz Protects Hair From Damaging Styling Tools

Styling tools are things we all use probably daily to create the perfect look for our mane. All of these hair aids require intense heat when you blow-dry, curl or straighten, and even the healthiest heads of hair can become damaged quickly.

Burnt hair can occur when you over-use your favorite styling tools. The very strong heat causes dryness, dullness and possible breakage of strands. Add to that chemical processes like bleaching, dyeing or relaxing, and your tresses are working over-time to stay healthy.

Famous stylists like Chaz Dean would advise not using a styling tool that burns your fingers easily. If it’s burning your fingers, then you can imagine that it’s also burning your hair. Style your hair with a lower temperature.

Chaz Dean has been a popular west coast hair expert for years now, catering to the celebrity elite. He is the pioneer of the revolutionary no lather shampoo system that delivers natural cleansing and repair to hair of any type. His special cleansing conditioners and line of products deliver shine, fullness and manageability in a kind and gentle manner.

To still use your styling tools and protect your mane from the frizz and dryness, try WEN by Chaz’s unique styling cremes. These are amazing botanical formulas that do their work without the harshness of sulfates and other chemicals found in drugstore hair care products.

For example, WEN Lavender Styling Creme is ideal for all hair types and textures. It’s been formulated as a heat protectant frizz fighter and shine booster. Plus, it leaves behind soft, touchable strands, and that’s the best kind of hair on the planet. WEN Styling Creme is a very nourishing product that stays in your locks all day long. The styling creme also comes in nicely scented Tea Tree, Cucumber Aloe and Fig.

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