The Achievements Of Jon Urbana: Aviation, Music And Others

What does it mean to be successful in your field? It means that people see your work, and they know that you have a professional knowledge of your field. This knowledge can be something that you get from experience or from inspiration that you get from watching others who are successful in their fields. When I see a man like Jon Urbana, I know that he has had some tremendous life experiences that have led to him achieving the high level of greatness that is his life, which you can keep up with on Twitter. A biography about Urbana would include everything from aviation to running a business to more creative outlets like Facebook (here and here). Let’s take a moment to explore the life and achievements of this young man.

Aviation Career And Recognition From The FAA

Jon Urbana has one of the best records of a young pilot. He has been recognized for his safety procedures and flight skills from the FAA. The FAA doesn’t give out their recommendations to just anyone. In fact, the FAA has some of the strictest safety procedures in the world, yet Jon Urbana has achieved recognition from them in the form of the FAA Airmen Certification Database.

Lacrosse Camps For Youths

Jon Urbana played college lacrosse for Villanova, and he excelled in other sports as well, like squash and skiing. He decided to take time to set up a lacrosse camp, which has been a great success. It is called Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and it is available for young athletes in the Colorado area to train with professional lacrosse players and get them thinking about the environment. Urbana is a big advocate of doing charity work in the Denver area, and currently has two big campaigns underway. Read about one of them at Fox Carolina and another one on WRCB TV.

Musical Achievements

Some people just have a wonderful way with music. It’s like a gift for many musicians, and the world appreciates the music style of Jon Urbana. Jon has been developing his own original sound from electronic music and the samples of other artists.


If you like to look at stylistic pictures of foods, then you will love Jon Urbana’s achievements in photography. Take a look at his Instagram or this video below to get a better idea of what I mean. The food looks delicious.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.