Sentient AI – how it has revolutionized digital marketing

In recent times, the world of marketing has witnessed tremendous revolutions, thanks, social media marketing; before the dust settling, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in here. Artificial Intelligence is a popular branch of computer science that is tasked with building machines/robots that are capable of behaving like humans (thinking and replying).

AI is a broad topic and has different branches that come together to form AI that can mimic human behaviors and emotions. Machine learning is one of such branches that enable the machine to learn from experience on their own.

Also, there is deep learning, a sub-branch of machine learning that brings together massive algorithms and neural networks. Such efforts contribute to success of AI in digital marketing.

Google using AI to answer questions

Such technologies have been used in digital marketing. And it is being used by Google extensively, when you enter a query on Google search engine, it is through machine learning that they can return the answer, ‘people also ask’ section is given by deep learning.

Voice search optimization and chatbots

As you can see, the AI for digital marketing is already before our faces. In another instance, there is a significant shift from text searching to voice search. What this means is that users are now using their voices to search for anything online. A recent study shows that over 20 percent of total queries entered on Google are voiced.

It is therefore essential for you as a digital marketer to start optimizing your websites for voice searches alongside texts searches.

Websites are now using AI-powered chatbots to improve customer experience. They help answer questions and can handle more than one customer at a time.

Faster loading websites

Still, on Google, the company recently released news about AMP WebPages. They are lighter when compared to traditional pages. This means that they load faster consequently increasing user experience.

Why is this important? User experience is among the top Google ranking factors. If your pages are loading faster, you rank higher.

AI improves PPC strategies

Most digital marketers are using pay-per-click campaigns through Facebook or Adwords. These campaigns are controlled in-house or are outsourced to PPC agencies. This means that these campaigns are controlled by humans, but did you know that AI can help you discover new channels that even your competition aren’t aware?

Using machine learning and algorithms to power your PPC campaigns will help you improve your targeting, copywriting, bids, and the ads placements. Some platforms are build specifically for this purpose and include Albert and Frank.


AI is here to help marketers save time and money and make tasks more manageable. Therefore, there is no need to about AI taking away jobs. As a business owner or a marketer, it is time to sit down and pinpoint challenges you are facing and brainstorm how AI can help.