Neurocore Training for a Stronger Brain

A few seasons that have passed, Portland Trailblazers found themselves in trouble. They were experiencing a series of defeats, and this affected their spirit. They, however, did not point fingers or considered giving up but they came together and were able to find the solution to up their game. Within the same period, the Professional footballer Kick Cousins of the Washington Redskins lost a lot of opportunities to prove himself due to the inconsistent performance. He considered the same approach to his problem; brain training. The treatment may look innovative specifically for those people in the athletic training, but Biofeedback has proved to be a success in helping people with chronic as well as those with hypertension. In the treatment, the patient learns more about the brain electrical functions and the way to control some involuntary functions such as the heart rate. Read more about Neurocore at

Both Trailblazers and Kick looked for solutions to their problems in Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. Dr. Tim Royer who is the founder and also the neuropsychologist strongly believes that brain training is the one trend that everyone especially those in the world of athletics is not doing. Dr. Royer teaches the athletes how to get into peak performance and also the process of slowing their brain down so that it can recover with all the other body systems efficiently.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have a specialty of offering data-driven assessments for the brain and also training programs that assist all people in improving their sleep, concentration and stress management. The Neurocore were established in 2004 in Michigan and had over 9 Brain performance Centers in Florida and Michigan. Neurocore has been used as a national authority in the field of neuroscience.


The first thing that happens when one seeks for help in Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is that they are comprehensively assessed on matters including brain waves, heart rate, and other tests are done with technologically advanced equipment so that they get a clear picture of the state of their brain. From there, every person receives a specialized program, and the training helps the brain perform better. Later on, an assessment is done to see if there has been a notable change that one achieves. Visit to know more about Neurocore.