Marc Sparks Amazing Life

Marc Sparks is not your typical American businessman. This high school educated, c+ student, has become one of the leading American businessmen, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists in the United States. Marc graduated from high school in Austin, Texas in 1975 and over the last thirty-four years has been a principal in dozens of startups. Some of the startups have been very successful but Marc Sparks has also had his share of failures. However, over this time frame he has managed to build and sell hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of self-made products and companies. Mark credits his success to the grace of God and his keen instincts.

Marc clearly has a passion for building companies. He likes the challenge of taking ideas that most others thought could not be done and turning these ideas into a successful company. Once accepting an idea Marc will develop a business model that will include short and long term goals and a company culture designed for success. Mark sets the tone for his entire team, holding meetings in real time saying, “My door is always open”, he believes in solving issues quickly .

Today, Marc maintains a handful of portfolio companies in his private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital. Located in Dallas, Texas, Timber Creek Capital specializes in helping passionate entrepreneurs realize their dreams of creating a revenue-generating products and services company. They provide all the services a startup company will need. These services include providing the necessary capitalization, office space and equipment, legal and accounting services, web development and much more. Using a support staff and over 35 years of entrepreneurial experience, Timber Creek Capital will be with you from start to finish.

A must read, for any would-be entrepreneur, is Marc’s book They Can’t Eat You. After being asked by his colleagues to share his expertise and experiences in the business world, Mark reluctantly wrote, They Can’t Eat You. His book is not necessarily about his tremendous success, but more often than not, his failures. Mark says he wrote the book to restore hope to entrepreneurs who have been struggling to make their ideas work but haven’t been able to get it done. As stated, this book is a must read for any struggling entrepreneur.

Perhaps the best part of the Marc Sparks story is his devotion to helping others. Since the late eighties he has been helping the homeless find shelter in Texas, working with The Samaritan Inn. This project believes in giving a person a hand up, not a handout. While living at The Samaritan Inn the residents will receive counseling in education, job placement, health programs and family services. Mark says he is often moved to tears when he learns of the success of a past resident. Mark has also helped build over a dozen homes with Habitat for Humanity and through his own Sparky’s Kids foundation has donated over a thousand computers to at-risk kids, hoping to help them break the cycle of poverty.