Luiz Carlos Trabuco Will Work Alongside The New President

Every organization experiences change at some point. Instead of evading this transition process, employees should embrace it with the hope of gaining than losing. Of course, change comes with challenges. These challenges can be discouraging. Even so, change is inevitable and more often than not, it can be applied to grow business in many ways. If there is an organization that has successfully incorporated change into its leadership department, Banco Bradesco fits the bill. The Brazilian financial services institution was initially led by Brandao de Mello, a 91-year-old chairman who resigned in late 2017.

Back Story

During his resignation, Brandao was particular about his immediate, temporary replacement being Luiz Carlos Trabuco. He also stated that Banco Bradesco must uphold its business model by maintaining internal recruitment. Immediately he left, Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over the realms of leadership. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has worked at Banco Bradesco for over four decades. He is always aware of the economic environment of the banking institution. Besides, he has over the years, learned the value of forming stellar relations with stakeholders with the sole purpose of drawing their support to various company projects.

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Leadership Traits

Besides, Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s election was based on a potent combination of skill sets including insight, flexibility as well as shrewd judgment. Even in challenging circumstances, he exudes confidence by offering viable advice to solve issues. As he took over, one thing was clear; the board of directors would elect a new president in March. That has come to pass as on March 18th; the annual general meeting was held. In the meeting, the proposed candidates for the position were interviewed with a clear focus on their character and contribution to the firm. After a session of scrutiny from the board of directors, Octavio de Lazari was selected to replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Electing the President

Octavio’s election relied on his expertise in business management. Other than that, he has worked for Banco Bradesco for more than twenty years; having joined as a teenage office boy. From that moment, he established a strong focus on the ground and built alliances with other shareholders with the purpose of growing Bradesco’s market share. Later into his services years, he earned several promotions inclusive of the presidency.

Leadership by Luiz

Even as Octavio de Lazari takes over, Luiz Carlos is not left out entirely. He shall retain his position as the chairman of Bradesco. His duties in the bank include overseeing management and issuing viable insight. Because joined the company as a teenage clerk with barely any experience, he strived to cement his name on the leadership docket. After two decades of experience working in different departments within Bradesco, he earned several promotions that have since defined his career. In his tenure as an executive leader, he connected Bradesco to the media hence increasing its share market in the financial services industry. Besides, he introduced lending programs to the institution. Through these programs, clients flocked to the bank seeking credit for various needs. Luiz Carlos Trabuco will work alongside Octavio as a guardian and principal decision maker.

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