Kenneth Goodgame Is A Leader In The Marketing Industry

Kenneth Goodgame was recently working with Value Hardware Corporation as their Senior Vice President, located out in Chicago. While working for the company, Kenneth was in charge of managing their marketing and sales of more than $2.2 billion dollars worth of product purchases and hundreds of millions more in the company’s inventory.

Kenneth also worked at Ace Hardware before moving over to the True Value Corporation. At Ace, he operated as a General Merchandise Manager for several years, allowing the company to see a lot of new growth due to his efforts. He moved over to True Value from Ace to help the company do a restructuring.

On top of his executive positions at both True Value Corporation and Ace Hardware, Kenneth has offered his knowledge and expertise to many different corporations, such as Baja Motorsports and Direct Tool Outlets. He even worked with Rubbermaid as Senior Vice President of Marketing several years back. Kenneth first got started on his career after graduating from the University of Tennessee and earning his degree in Marketing.

Since moving on from his marketing and sales positions as of late, Kenneth has been spending a lot of time writing and lecturing on his practices. This is why he regularly attends different conferences and events to share his knowledge on an international scale. He is largely focused on informing people on his expertise in marketing and sales.

Kenneth Goodgame goes even further than lecturing and informing others how better practices for marketing, but he is also involved with philanthropy work. He has involved himself and made contributions to a number of different non profit organizations and charities projects around the globe. This is because Kenneth believes the people he is teaching and helping with advice, are the next generation of leaders that will be taking charge in the near future. For Kenneth, he has no plans to return to the field just yet, as he is finding joy in teaching and giving advice.

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