Kenneth Goodgame and His No Nonsense Marketing and Pricing Manifesto

Companies in trouble seek out those who fit to the tee, the modus operandi of Kenneth Goodgame who sets out to close. He has the corporate plan that motivates the slugs and gets the company out of the red and into the black again. He has made a career of managing marketing departments of large corporations that had been under performing on the buyer’s side. The overhauls he would put in their pricing plans would turn things around so that buyers scoring at 40% would soon be moving out and a new team brought in which meant a 2 to 10% improvement on sales for the year.

These were just some of the improvements made by Kenneth Goodgame as the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer. While Managing True Value Hardware Corporation he was leading groups through a long term plan for deliverables in marketing, category management, global sourcing, merchandising, pricing, advertising in order to transform these groups to fit a global purchasing strategy. King of SKU programs, Goodgame launched anew the one that garnered True Value its most successful store “New at True Value,” pricing program that touched its more than 2800 stores.

Making marketing and pricing plans and strategies for higher comprehensive performance levels is the specialty of Ken Goodgame. He wanted those who carried out his leadership plans to move the needle from low performance to high performance in merchandising. Choosing the correct brand pricing and levels is a science that many company CEOs would kill to have conducted as well as it is by Kenneth Goodgame. This expert has crafted original pricing strategies from scratch for various companies in his long successful career. Placing himself in the driver’s seat for labeling, group pricing, innovation in merchandising concepts and staying fresh with enthusiasm for the tasks given to him, Kenneth Goodgame will close the deal and get that profitable result. This is exactly what transpired when he took over for Mike Clark, the retiring Chief of Marketing for True Value right after being head of marketing for Ace Hardware. Moving on from the success at True Value was bittersweet but Kenneth is now set to wow the merchandising world once again in his new role to be announced in Arizona.

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Kenneth Goodgame leads True Value Company to success