James Dondero, Philanthropist

Highland Capital Management boasts the presence of James Dondero, co-founder and president. He, not by any means a surprise, takes a proactive approach to giving, and has become known as a philanthropist. He does actually give nationally and internationally, but most of his giving is actually local.

Mary Jalonick sought out James Dondero and Highland Capital Management’s expertise, and ended up creating a company just for The Dallas Foundation and Highland, called, aptly, Highland Dallas Foundation. This foundation honors the work of both companies.

For a long time, James has supported many types of organizations that give charitably in Dallas. He has been associated with, among other groups, The Zoo (Dallas), The Perot Museum, and The Bush Presidential Library, all fine institutions to which he has been able to give.

At The Dallas Foundation, Jim works with Linda Owen, who is able to connect his larger vision for the world with different organizations that may benefit from his spending. He largely supports non-profit partners who want to help make Dallas a better place to be for all people.

The Dallas Foundation has a long history of work in North Texas, and they also have achieved much that makes the community really be a great place to live. It was a natural choice for Jim to choose to work with them, and the partnership has really paid off for the community and everyone who lives and works in the Dallas area and environs. The philanthropy that James Dondero extends to the area is noteworthy.

Source: http://www.dallasfoundation.org/ForDonors/DonorStories/JamesDondero/tabid/449/Default.aspx

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