Highland Capital wants to end domestic violence

The financial industry is the heart of the American economy. Without access to quality financial institutions, many businesses would simply fail. Throughout the years, many financial institutions have emerged to change the way people invest and grow their wealth. The early nineties was an extremely important time in the financial industry, and one institution had a huge impact.

James Dondero moved to Dallas in the early nineties, with the dream of changing the financial industry forever. He launched Highland Capital Management and the world was forever changed. Highland Capital would go on to create numerous game-changing financial products. These products include CLOs, hedge funds, and other important products. James has built a fantastic reputation throughout the industry, but he knows he didn’t do it on his own. Highland Capital owes much of their success to the city of Dallas. Dallas has provided Highland with a central location from which to grow, and plenty of talent to help generate ideas. James loves the city of Dallas and he is committed to giving back to the city.

Charitable giving is a major part of Highland Capital’s business. The company gives more than $3 million a year, and they work closely with the Dallas Foundation to give efficiently. The firm gives generously to education, veterans’ causes, and important museums throughout the area. James loves working with charities throughout Dallas to help improve life for people everywhere.

Recently, the Family Place was looking to raise money to build another shelter. The Family Place is a charity that focuses on taking care of victims of domestic violence. The organization provides women and children with a safe place to stay while they find a way through their current situation. The charity has built a great reputation throughout the city and has helped hundreds of women into a better life. James Dondero discovered that the charity was looking for money, so he wrote a million dollar check. He hopes this money will make it easier for the charity to end domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a major problem throughout Texas, but Highland Capital and the Family Place are working to eliminate the issue.

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