Freedom Checks Advocates Smile To Their Banks To Receive $34.6 Billion As Critics Regret

In the month of June, thousands even hundreds of thousands of Americans were seen lined up to their banks to receive their paycheck. The money had not come the government. It was not a grant from any of the wealthy philanthropist from the outside world. The money was transferred to different investors’ banks courtesy of Freedom Checks. Read this article at Money Morning.


The simple investment policy as the founder Matt Badiali calls it was not seen so by his critics. Even when it was evident that hundreds of thousands who has heed Badiali’s advice were going to receive their share of $34.6 billion, those who opposed the program still had something to say. They still believe that although some have received lots of money, it is still not a big deal. After all, critics argue that the money belongs to the person receiving it.


Matt Badiali and his supporters, on the other hand believe that it is the best thing that happened to the majority of the American people. When he implemented the Freedom Checks saving strategy, Matt knew that a lot of people were going to benefit. Indeed, that is what happened recently when several banks received slices of the staggering $34.6 billion to distribute to thousands of investors that listened to Badiali and saved.



Among those who benefited the simplest saving strategy in modern history was Lisa Luhrman. Lisa, a 57-year-old lady who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma was thrilled when news reached her that she was going to receive $66, 570. She even shed tears. Although it is her savings, she couldn’t believe her eyes following the bad news she had heard from those opposed to the program. Another one was Dough Smith who received $24, 075. Mr. Smith, a resident of Joplin, Missouri says that it was the largest amount of money he has ever received at once. He can’t thank Badiali enough for coming up with an ingenious program that helped many people to save. Because of Freedom Checks also gave Mike Reed from Golden, Colorado a staggering u$160, 923. Mr. Reed, 53, is said to be the highest beneficiary. “With Freedom Checks, you will never go wrong,” Matt Badiali once said. Watch this video at Youtube.