Eric Pulier Is A Successful Entrepreneur and Technological Savant

Eric Pulier is a long running entrepreneur and is known as one of the best in the business. That is not to mention his technological innovations, public speaking, and philanthropy, he is even a published author. Eric works out of Los Angeles, and to date he has founded over a dozen companies under his name. This include People Doing Things, Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh, Desktone, Akana, and more. He has many investments throughout different capital funds, including Trident Capital and Monitor Ventures, along with many different charities. Eric has recognized as a leader in technology due to his exceptional talents exhibited throughout his life. He has extensive experience in cloud computing and business strategies as well as It and Networking, along with many sets of skills.

Eric earned his bachelors degree and graduated from Harvard University with honors. Because of his experiences and knowledge of technology, Eric earns invitations all the time to come and speak at different events and conferences based around the technological field. He also did the Bridge to the twenty first century project, one of his government IT projects that involved exhibitions that ran in a series to show the effects of technology over the future and what it means. The project covered subjects pertain to education, governments, environments, and even space exploration, and it was commissioned by the President at the time, Bill Clinton. Through Bill’s initiative program, the Clinton Global Initiative, Eric played a major role in developing low cost cloud computing for people that needed it in less fortunate communities.

Eric Pulier has always taken the time to give back and help out those who are in need. Throughout his many years in the industry, Eric has taken the time and used his success to make donations and contribute himself to different organizations and charities around the globe. He helps spread awareness on human welfare when he can. This is why Eric sits on the board of the X-Prize foundation, to help look for different ways and innovations to improve on problems humans are facing as a whole.