Denzel Washington’s Best Movies


Considered by many to be one of the greatest actors ever, Denzel Washington has put together a remarkable career. For nearly the past forty years he has put together some outstanding performances in both tv and film. With so many great performances it’s hard to pick out Denzel’s best movies, but the following are the ones that must be on that list for anybody looking to run through a Denzel Washington filmography.



Training Day


Denzel’s performance in Training Day earned him his first Oscar for a leading actor. The change to a ‘bad’ guy may have taken some fans by surprise. Denzel’s performance however was more believable than ever. Denzel takes fans on an amazing journey that is easily a must see.



The Hurricane


This is on of Denzel’s films that often gets overlooked. Playing boxer Ruben ‘Hurricane’ Carter, Washington gives an unbelievable that earned him a Golden Globe Award and and Oscar nomination. Besides the great boxing scenes, one pivotal part of his performance is the 30 days in the ‘hole’ his character experienced in prison. Washington is incredible in this moment.


Remember the Titans


A fan favorite, It’s hard to find a list of Denzel movies that doesn’t include this movie. The inspirational movie and performance is a movie that still stands as one of the best sports movies ever. Washington earned an NAACP award for the movie. This Disney production is still a favorite for fans worldwide.


Malcom X


Playing a well known historical figure like Malcom X can be very difficult. Denzel, however does an outstanding job with the part. Denzel was Malcom X. He makes you believe. It’s clear that he put in hours of study to perfect his performance of the historical giant. This may not go down as your favorite Denzel film, but clearly it is one of his best performances.