Minneapolis’s Mighty Fortress Church Is Inclusive To Everyone

In the northwestern metro area of Minneapolis, Minnesota, lies a church of worship named the Mighty Fortress International Church. The church was founded by senior pastor and bishop, Thomas R. Williams who has been active in his ministry work for over thirty years. The Mighty Fortress International Church’s overall objective is to seek individuals or […]

Sentient AI – how it has revolutionized digital marketing

In recent times, the world of marketing has witnessed tremendous revolutions, thanks, social media marketing; before the dust settling, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in here. Artificial Intelligence is a popular branch of computer science that is tasked with building machines/robots that are capable of behaving like humans (thinking and replying). AI is a broad topic and […]

Denzel Washington’s Best Movies

  Considered by many to be one of the greatest actors ever, Denzel Washington has put together a remarkable career. For nearly the past forty years he has put together some outstanding performances in both tv and film. With so many great performances it’s hard to pick out Denzel’s best movies, but the following are […]

WEN By Chaz Protects Hair From Damaging Styling Tools

Styling tools are things we all use probably daily to create the perfect look for our mane. All of these hair aids require intense heat when you blow-dry, curl or straighten, and even the healthiest heads of hair can become damaged quickly. Burnt hair can occur when you over-use your favorite styling tools. The very […]

C.A.A and Their Contribution to Anesthesia Research

Established in 1973, Capitol Anesthesiology Association (https://twitter.com/Capanesth) is a Texas based independent practice, specializing in anesthesiology. It is the largest in the nation. Anesthesia is an effective means of alleviating pain and anxiety before and after surgeries. There are three general classifications of anesthesia, namely general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, and local/Monitored Anesthesia Care. General anesthesia […]

How Malini Saba Built Her Enterprises

Most emigrants who have moved to the United States to look for a better life have a success story. One of these individuals in Malini Saba who’s origin is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She was born in a middle-income family, and her quest for a better living started when she moved to Australia. She lived there […]

How Does Studying at the Kabbalah Centre Top Other Religions?

The Kabbalah Centre is not the center of a religion because it is just a place to study Kabbalah. The Jewish mystics believed in this form of education over all others because they believed that they could find where God was without trying to study the scriptures in a normal way. They were always trying […]

The investment journey of Stephen Murray and the CCMP company

Stephen Murray was born on 2nd August 1962 and died on 12th March 2015.He was brought up in Westchester County, a New York suburb on Crunchbase. He earned a Bachelor degree in Arts from the Boston College and later a Masters of Business Administration from Columbia University in New York. Stephen became a philanthropist and […]

Highland Capital wants to end domestic violence

The financial industry is the heart of the American economy. Without access to quality financial institutions, many businesses would simply fail. Throughout the years, many financial institutions have emerged to change the way people invest and grow their wealth. The early nineties was an extremely important time in the financial industry, and one institution had […]